Organization and Training Sessions

You can schedule a team training and find out who will come and who will not, for all this see the "Schedule" section. To create a training session you must set the time and venue, and can add other comments.

After you create a training session using the link "notify players", you can send out notifications via SMS or Email.

* To send out notifications, you must specify the contact details of the player in the section “Team” .

You also have an opportunity to hold open trainings for searching and browsing for new players to join your team. When creating a training you need: to put a tick next to the item "Open training for other players", and specify how many free spots are available.

Such type of training will be displayed in the announcements on the main football portal of your city, so that everyone will learn about the opportunity to train with you :-)

Submitted players will be displayed for you on the training page.