Searching for Opponents

Now it is much easier to find opponents on infootball.me.. If you have already created a page for your team, then you have two opponent search options:

1) Create an advertisement (announcement) saying that you look for opponents for a friendly match.

Create an announcement of an opponent search in the section "Announcements" on your team page. Fix the time and venue where you will be ready to play with an opponent, and include additional comments about the meeting.

This announcement will appear on the pages of your city portal and the whole country (maybe someone from a neighboring town would like to play with you)

2) Select an available team on the web-site and challenge it

On the pages of every team, near the logo, there is a "challenge" icon. After clicking on it, you'll get into the window of the match organization, where you can discuss the time and venue for the upcoming match. Once you challenge a team, notifications about that challenge will be sent out to all managers and teams that can reject or accept it.

The list of available teams can be found on the pages of your city or country in the section "Team rankings”.