Amateur Football League

Find opponents for games, organize tournaments, compete in rankings
with teams from different cities and countries

Photo by Anna Bing

For Football Teams

Manage your team and compete with teams from different cities and countries in the overall standings.

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For Organizers

Best tools for advertising, organizing and managing a competition for the league partners.

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infootball.me is a platform for amateur european football (grassroots football), where teams can search for opponents, participate in tournaments, organize matches and compete with each other in the overall league standings despite their location.

How does it work?

Participate in tournaments from official league partners or play ranking games with teams from your city or country.

Your team will be earning ranking points for each completed match. The stronger your opponent is the more points you can get for a win.

Earn points and become the best in the city, country or in the whole world. The top teams from every season will win prizes.

Rankings are based on a specially designed formula that counts all the teams` games in different cities and countries, and compares them on a set of coefficients.